BK Rage 570

Black • Reg. #396517
B.D. 3-1-2005
              Hall's Legacy Plus 738G
BK Power Plus 211L
              Pannell Miss 4072
             FR Magic 179X
C&D Sweet Dandy (9D)
             Majors RB Sweet Cheeks

570 is sired by Power Plus which is backed by tow of the Maine breed’s greatest producers, Legacy Plus and 4072.  Her dam is 9D one of Buck’s best donor females ever.  570 produces just like her pedigree says.  Her first bull sold for $6000, her second bull sold for $2,750, and her third calf a heifer is sold in the fall 2009 Buck sale for $8,000. 

Bull Calf Uproar 570U


Enlow Ranch
14502 W. 186th Street
Sapulpa, OK 74066

 Phone 918-224-7676

Dewey Enlow
14502 West 186th St. S.
Sapulpa, OK 74066
Home: 918-321-5196
Cell: 918-640-8836

Josh Enlow
19732 B South 145th West Ave
Sapulpa, OK 74066
Home: 918-321-3929
Cell: 918-693-8620

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