Buck Cattle Co. Fall Premier XV
Saturday, October 24, 2009


Lot 11 ENLW World Class 911
Calved 04.21.09 Open Heifer PB Maine-Anjou

            Hall's Legacy Plus 738J
BKRF Powerhouse
            Pannell Miss 4072

            DVMM Jazz
DSE 599L
            DSE 234G

World Class is just that! She is sired by Powerhouse the 2600 FT. Worth Champion Bull of of Enlow's 599L Donor, the 2003 National Champion Female. Here is a great young female with proven predictable genetics. She was a little green at weaning but she has turned it on since that day. This will be one to contend with!

Lot 14 ENLW Worry Free 914
Calved 04.24.09 Open Heifer 75% Maine-Anjou PHAF

            BPJV Hotline
TJSC Hot Community
FSJC Campbell Lucky Lady

DJ Sniper E385
DEJE 18186

Worry Free has been a favorite of many early visitors. She is jet necked, big hipped, hairy, and sound. This kind is hard to find and even harder to produce. Josh and Dewey have all the bragging rights here. She's a good one!

Lot 34 ENLW Warm Hearted 934
Calved 08.05.09 Open Heifer PB Maine Anjou PHAF

            DMCC Limited Edition 4F
SLC Sooner 101M
            Pannell Miss 015

            DVMM Jazz
BCB Jonie 4000P
            FCF Indian Princess 951k

Enlow's purchased this female's dam in the 2008 Fall Premier Sale. She is a big ribbed, stout hipped female with enough look to show and the maternal power to make a great donor. Warm Hearted was one of our favorites from the Enlow's she is really good.

Lot 40 BK ENLW Wellbred 940
Calved 04.01.09 Open Heifer Maine Tainer PHAF

            OCC Genesis 872G
DUFF New Edition 6108
            OCC Dixie Erica 814G

            Hall's Legacy Plus 738G
BKHB Royalty 521R
            Pannell Miss 4072

Here is a unique female with an extremely maternal pedigree. She is sired by the Angus sire New Edition and out of a great Legacy Plus x 4072 daughter. She is extremely soft bodied, big hipped, perfect structured, and cowy. Donor, Donor, Donor!


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