AFR Banker 1W

BW: 79 lbs. • DOB: 3-6-09 • Scurred
PB Bull • Tattoo: AFR 1W
 THF / PHAF • Reg #402362

             Cowan’s Ali 4M
WEBR Striker 201R
             WEBR Patty 201M

             Majors Money Man 673J
BSMA Heather 300N
             MAJR Pleasures 477

2010 National Western
Division 1 Champion Bull Calf

Banker has been everything we hoped for and more! We have calved more than 200 heifers to him with no assistance. He is a "Proven" heifer bull! Banker cattle are always the best patterned, biggest bellied, soundest structured cattle in the pen. We now have his females in production and holy cow are they the right kind. They calve early, have lots of milk, hold their condition and breed back. This bull is truly in a leauge of his own with the way he has transmitted his tremendous shape, spring of rib, muscle and flexibility to his offspring. Banker can also be used on a lot of different genetic lines since he is TH and PHA free and a genetic outcross to most of the popular AI sires today.

Actual weight taken 11-2-09 895lbs WDA 3.84lbs

Owned by Enlow Ranch / Rooney / Hartman


Enlow Ranch
9000 New Sapulpa Road
Tulsa, OK 74131

 Phone 918-224-7676

Dewey Enlow
14502 West 186th St. S.
Sapulpa, OK 74066
Home: 918-321-5196
Cell: 918-640-8836

Josh Enlow
19732 B South 145th West Ave
Sapulpa, OK 74066
Home: 918-321-3929
Cell: 918-693-8620

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